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The Givemeaspacelight.com foundation will:

1. combine traditional and social (internet) media to tell the world about this remarkable sponsorship

2. inspire people to realize their dreams, even if they are beyond the stars

3. enable your company to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing budget

Some Advantages:

1. Your company only has to pay the agreed sponsor amount when the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation has found enough sponsors to achieve its goal. (No cure, No pay, No Financial risk)

2. The foundation has an ANBI status at the DutchTax collectors office this enables your company to receive a partial or even full tax benefit.

3. If the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation does not achieve its goal your company got free exposure! Keep in mind that the Givemeaspaceflight.com al ready created over 10.000 euro's of media value through (online)magazines, radio and television interviews which attracted over 100.000 unique visitors to the Givemeaspaceflight.com website

Download the sponsorship proposal to read about all the advantages...

 The Packages:

GIGA sponsor suggestion
The Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation's astronaut is willing to promote the GIGA sponsors in a wide variety of ways. For example the astronaut can weir certain clothes/shoes/watches or use certain laptop, mobile phones etc etc.    The Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation is open to these sort of suggestions by GIGA sponsors.

MAIN sponsor package starting at €50.000,-
The main sponsor is determined by the highest paying sponsor. The main sponsor will receive all the benefits of the GIGA package. PLUS...The company logo will be incorporated with the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation's logo. PLUS... the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation's astronaut and the sponsor can discuss how to maximize the effectiveness of this main sponsorship

EXCLUSIVE Sponsorship €160.000,-
A company can become an exclusive sponsor. The company will receive all the benefits from above. PLUS...Being the EXCLUSIVE sponsor maximizes the awareness that your company enabled the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation to achieve its goal.


Contact the Givemeaspaceflight.com foundation now! It is just one small sponsoring  decision, but one giant leap for the whole efficiency of your marketing division!



Official Supporters

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